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Will “Lucky Guy” Top the Charts?

Nashville, late 60’s: The Queen of Country Music Miss Jeannie Jeannine’s popularity is waning. She badly needs a new hit song. And she has her eyes set on stealing up-and-coming young country singer Billy Ray Jackson’s brand new ditty “Lucky Guy.”
Varla Jean Merman, Kyle Dean Massey, Leslie Jordan, Savannah Wise, Jenn Colella and Jim Newman topbill Willard Beckham’s new musical comedy Lucky Guy at the Little Shubert Theatre (422 West 42nd St.)


RIP, Cisco Flip

"We’re making key, targeted moves as we align operations in support of our network-centric platform strategy," said Cisco CEO John Chambers, in a recent statement about the demise of the Company’s popular video camcorder, the Flip.
Although the Flip was an odd fit to Cisco’s “network-centric” products, e.g. routers and switches, in the first place, the Flip shouldn’t be blamed for its own death sentence. It was Cisco’s top honcho’s rather weak judgement on corporate brand positioning (Where are we now? What do we do next?) and discontinued efforts to innovate the Flip that would have contributed to the situation.

The Flip was a victim of circumstance.

"Cisco was swayed by the sexiness of selling to the consumer," said Mo Koyfman, a principal at Spark Capital, a Boston venture capital firm. "They're not wired to do it themselves, so they do it by acquisition. Flip was one of the most visible targets out there. But it's really hard to turn an elephant into … Interviews: Jose Llana Talks WONDERLAND, El Gato, and More

by Oliver Oliveros,

"It's been a real treat to create El Gato during the workshop and production process of Wonderland... He's a Latin cat but I've also been able to infuse a little Filipino in him, I'm proud to say." - Jose Llana

As a hardworking Filipino-American actor (most notable on the Broadway stage, e.g. The King & I, Spelling Bee, and on several occasions on American television, e.g. Sex and the City), Jose Llana makes every Filipino in his home country and abroad feel proud to be Pinoy. The six shows he's done on Broadway so far, not to mention multiple other theater projects he's been doing off-Broadway and beyond, are living proof that talent and passion for the craft can translate into a musical theater career that's synonymous to longevity and unflailing energy.

Frank Wildhorn's (Filipinos are familiar with his song "This is the Moment" from the Broadway musical Jekyll and Hyde) new Broadway musical W…