Photo Flash: BIKE WRECK at the Ensemble Studio Theatre, 5/20-6/18 -

by Oliver Oliveros,

New York, May 25, 2011 -- Filipino actor and Obie Award winner Arthur Acuña shares the stage with Michael Louis Wells and Charlie Hudson in Ensemble Studio Theatre's (EST) repeat of Qui Nguyen's 2007 one act dark comedy play Bike Wreck. The play is part of EST's "Marathon 2011: The 33rd Festival of 1Act Plays - Series A" running from May 20 to June 18 at the EST Theatre on West 52nd Street.

In Bike Wreck, Acuña revisits the role of a Chinese food delivery boy, who gets entangled in violent relationships involving an African-American bike messenger (Hudson) and an arrogant white businessman (Wells), he originated four years ago.

Bike Wreck director John Gould Rubin "excellently paces the action so that it's laugh-out-loud funny one moment, then deadly serious the next. He also gets terrific work out of his trio of actors (Acuña, Wells and Hudson) who all deliver finely nuanced performances," said theater reviewer Dan Bacalzo.

Apart from Acuña's current acting stint on Off-Broadway, he's also in town, along with fellow Filipino actor Maritina Romulo, to promote the U.S. premiere of John Sayles' new feature film Amigo slated for August. Amigo, which features Acuña and other Filipino actors, tackles America's first forgotten war: the Philippine-American war in 1900.

EST's "Marathon 2011: The 33rd Festival of 1Act Plays - Series A" also includes In the Middle of the Night by Billy Aronson, directed by Robert Davenport; School Night by J. Holtman, directed by Abigail Zealey Bess, Ten High by Ben Rosenthal, directed by John Giampietro; and Tennessee by Romulus Linney, directed by Harris Yulin.

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