Photo of the Day: ALL NEW PEOPLE at the Second Stage Theatre

New York, July 2, 2011 -- Playwright Zach Braff’s film orientation (he wrote and directed the Independent Spirit Award-winning film Garden State and currently co-starring alongside James Franco and Michelle Williams in Oz) is apparent throughout his new play All New People at the Second Stage Theatre, where he has cast fellow Hollywood actors Justin Bartha (The Hangover II, The Rebound), Krysten Ritter (Confessions of a Shopaholic), David Wilson Barnes (30 Rock, Law & Order) and Anna Camp (True Blood in ensemble roles, and has seamlessly interspersed flash back scenes shot on film that were projected on a white solid backdrop across the proscenium arch.

All New People, which is often poking fun at contemporary references, is a tightly written piece. Its sampling of media convergence charmingly pushes the story forward.

About All New People:

It’s the dead of winter and the summer vacation getaway of Long Beach Island, New Jersey is desolate and blanketed in snow. Charlie (Bartha) is 35, heartbroken and just wants some time away from the rest of the world. The island ghost town seems to be the perfect escape until his solitude is interrupted by a motley parade of misfits who show up and change his plans. A hired beauty (Camp), the townie fireman (Barnes), and an eccentric British real estate agent (Ritter) desperately trying to stay in the country suddenly find themselves tangled together in a beach house where the mood is anything but sunny.

All New People is now playing at the Second Stage Theatre, 305 West 43rd St., N.Y. The play is directed by Peter DuBois. For tickets and more information, visit

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