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HTG Presents the World Premiere of THE SKY OVER DIMAS, 3/21-23

By Oliver Oliveros,

New York, March 2, 2013 -- Campus-based theater productions in the Philippines such as Dulaang UP's "Collection" and Ateneo Blue Repertory's "Spring Awakening" are giving mainstream theater productions a run for their money -- a competition that is healthy. So hearing a word from De La Salle University's (DLSU) resident theater company, Harlequin Theatre Guild (HTG), that the company will be presenting the world premiere of the book-to-stage adaptation of National Book Award and Palanca winner Vicente Garcia Groyon's "The Sky Over Dimas," written by playwright Tim Dacanay, I am extra-thrilled.

Mr. Groyon and I used to work together: He taught film theory and criticism; while I taught public relations and issues management at DLSU's Department of Communication a few years ago.

Mr. Dacanay is a friend of my dad's family.

And "The Sky Over Dimas" is one of my favorite novels by a Filipi…