HTG Presents the World Premiere of THE SKY OVER DIMAS, 3/21-23

By Oliver Oliveros,

New York, March 2, 2013 -- Campus-based theater productions in the Philippines such as Dulaang UP's "Collection" and Ateneo Blue Repertory's "Spring Awakening" are giving mainstream theater productions a run for their money -- a competition that is healthy. So hearing a word from De La Salle University's (DLSU) resident theater company, Harlequin Theatre Guild (HTG), that the company will be presenting the world premiere of the book-to-stage adaptation of National Book Award and Palanca winner Vicente Garcia Groyon's "The Sky Over Dimas," written by playwright Tim Dacanay, I am extra-thrilled.

Mr. Groyon and I used to work together: He taught film theory and criticism; while I taught public relations and issues management at DLSU's Department of Communication a few years ago.

Mr. Dacanay is a friend of my dad's family.

And "The Sky Over Dimas" is one of my favorite novels by a Filipino author.

In "The Sky Over Dimas," Mr. Groyon brings his readers (audiences) to his real-life hometown, Bacolod, the capital of the province of Negros Occidental, where the Torrecarions, members of the upper-middle class, dwell in dark secrets filled with greed, deceit, and betrayal that their kin members cannot escape on their own.

Amidst all the secrets, there is but one person who will do anything and everything to end the cycle that continuously haunts his clan: George -- to be played by theater actor Redjie Jimenez, and television actor Toby Alejar -- who is fed up with all the lies.

George exiles himself to Hacienda Dimas in Bacolod where it all began, and exposes the skeletons in the closet that delve into his family's past.

This stage adaptation of "The Sky Over Dimas" features musical score by Dodgie Fernandez ("Si Tonying at ang Mahiwagang Aklat ng Kasaysayan," "Haring Lear"), set design by Joseph Duran ("Sudhaya," "Si Tonying at ang Mahiwagang Aklat ng Kasaysayan"), lighting design by Katsch SJ Catoy ("La Revolucion Filipina," "Ibalong"), and stage direction by Romualdo Tejada ("Unang Ulan ng Mayo").

Ace Gutierrez (Margie) and Jose Rufino Dy Buco (Raffy) will join Jimenez and Alejar on stage.

I wish you all the best, Vince, Tim, and HTG!

Performance Schedule: March 21 (Thursday) at 6:30 p.m., and March 22 and 23 (Friday and Saturday) at 10:30 a.m., 3:00 p.m., and 6:30 p.m. at Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium, De La Salle University-Manila 

Ticket Price: PhP 200.00

For additional information, contact Kyle Bulut at (63) 917 896 2239 or email

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