About the August 2013 Issue: FIL-AM WHO's WHO Magazine

We Pay Homage to Educators Way Ahead of World Teachers’ Day 

By Oliver Oliveros, editor-in-chief

For the August issue of Fil-Am Who’s Who, we devote the major sections of the magazine honoring some of the most passionate and tireless Filipino-American educators we know: we take our hats off to the first 200 members—circa late 1980s—of the Association of Fil-Am Teachers of America (AFTA), whose legacy is still the organization’s moving force today; and to health care consultant Jona Jane Tajonera—our covergirl—who flies across the Pacific more often than ever to put up a school of allied health professions in the Philippines.

The World Teachers’ Day is due in about two months, on October 5, to be exact. However, I vividly remember one of my favorite teachers at New York University telling me, “Never do tomorrow what you can do today.” I myself am a teacher. I teach the basic tenets of public relations and communication at De La Salle University-Manila. And honestly, it gives me pure joy to hear from my students that they can never be thankful enough for the practical knowledge I impart into them.

Hard work should be rewarded, especially among teachers whose job could be really difficult, and at times thankless.

To AFTA’s educators and Ms. Tajonera: We can never be thankful enough. For us, everyday should be World Teachers’ Day!

Also in this issue, we pay tribute to outgoing Deputy Consul General of New York Tess Dizon De Vega, whose commitment to Filipino-Americans in the Tri-State area, especially in the immediate aftermath of recent natural disasters, e.g. Hurricane Sandy, is truly outstanding and most importantly, genuine. 

Furthermore, health advices from our resident doctor, Dr. Prospero A. Lim, M.D., and columnist Ollie David are included in this month’s issue.

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