12 Ways to Survive the Hot Summer Without AC

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As the scorching summer heat rises, the more we want to get out of the sun and stick inside our homes. Problem is that heat still penetrates the interior of the house, especially when the air conditioning (AC) is turned off. However, did you know you can still keep your homes cool during the summer even without the AC? Here’s how:

  • Before the day heats up, close the windows and other coverings; open them at night for cooler air. 
  • Keep the sunlight out of your home because that can minimize solar heat gain. 
  • Use light-colored curtains to reflect the sun’s heat. 
  • Arrange drapes and furniture so they won’t hamper the airflow. 
  • Inspect, clean, and replace your filters often because dirty filters may restrict the airflow. 
  • Cook, iron, and wash your clothes during the cooler times of the day, i.e. precook rice or meals in the evening. 
  • Turn off the lights in the house when not in use. Take note that lights, especially incandescent lights, give off too much heat. Replace your incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lights, light-emitting diodes, or LEDs. 
  • Opt for an attic insulation, which keeps heat from spreading. 
  • Though it may cost you a little, install a solar control window film to reduce heat gain. 
  • If you have reroofing and repainting plans, make sure to use light-colored paint to reflect the sun’s heat. Also use metal roofs to help keep your home cool. 
  • Plant trees and vines because they are good exterior insulators. 
  • If natural cooling isn’t enough, use fans to keep you cool inside your home. The best type of fan to use during the summer is the whole-house fan, which should be turned on early morning or after dusk.
Besides keeping your homes cool during the scorching summer heat, these practical tips will also help you lower your electric bills by not using the AC.

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