Thursday, July 30, 2015

5 Great Reasons To Invest In Home Automation

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Home automation is the process of controlling basic home features remotely and automatically. Using smart devices such as a smartphone or a tablet, you can easily automate and schedule operation of security, heating, and airconditioning systems; water sprinkling and lighting equipment; and even different appliances at home.

Below, we’ve listed some of the ways on how home automation can make your life a lot easier.

Safety & Security 

One of the myriad reasons why people opt for home automation is because of safety and security. Since you’re able to control lighting and appliance functions, for instance, you can ensure your home will be safe from any wear out caused by electronic devices. By simply tapping your finger on your device, you can control all the lights in your house and make sure they are turned off when you’re away at night. You may also turn them on anytime you want.

What’s more, you can ensure security inside your home through security cameras and automated door locks. Wherever you are—just as long you’re close to your smart device—you can easily see if someone is entering or trying to enter your home, thus increasing the safety of your house and family.


Having a home automation system is truly convenient. Whether you’re away or just relaxing at home, you don’t need to check on everything from time to time because everything is scheduled and automated. Additionally, when you’re on vacation or at work, you can easily control things the way you want it. You don’t’ have to call someone inside the house to do a thing for you because you’ll be able to do it yourself.

Time Management

Home automation is very ideal for busy people. In the morning, you don’t have to rush to check out and set things and worry about being late for work. Also, when something is left turned on inside your home, you don’t need to stop by or call people to check on it. Now, those time saved can be devoted to more meaningful and important tasks for the day.

Peace of Mind 

When you have an automation system at home, you’re certain that everything and everyone is safe, which can give you peace of mind. You don’t have to call your children and check if they turned everything off before going to school, for instance—HINT: that is sometimes irritating to the kids. 

Energy/Cost Efficiency

Lastly, when you’re controlling your electronic devices and appliances at home, you’re also controlling energy, which can help you lower your utility bills, thus saving money. By automating your home, you’re also only using resources and energy that you actually need. Therefore, you’re not only helping yourself, but you’re also protecting the environment. Home automation systems are expensive though, but in the end it will be all worth it, especially with all these sound benefits.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Why 35 is the Ideal Age to Buy a House

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Everybody dreams of having their own home. But have you ever wondered about the perfect time to buy a house? Truth is, the perfect time depends on you. Recent studies say the ideal age to invest in a house is 35 though. While buying a house at a younger age is wonderful, doing it at 35 is still encouraged.

Here are the reasons why:

Financial Stability 

Typically, 35 is the average age when people become financially stable. Mostly in your 20’s, you’re still struggling to find a steady and profitable job that can help you save enough money for future investments. Additionally, if you’re in your 20’s, there are many things that divide your attention such as holiday travels, parties, and romantic dates, among others. In this stage, you’re still having fun; investing in something big isn’t on your mind yet.

In your early 30’s, on the other hand, you’re likely to have a stable job; but this stage could only be the beginning of you realizing to save some of your hard earned money and exercise financial wisdom.

When you reach 35, you should be ready to invest in bigger things because you already learned enough from past financial mistakes. This is also the peak time when you would want to achieve something noteworthy for yourself and reap the hard work you’ve done over the years. 


After college some people are reluctant to find a job right away; some even study further—after all, education is important. However, studying continuously can be a financially tough time. You may be learning a lot, but you’re also spending a lot on education while not earning any income.

If you’re one of those people who prioritizes education, it will be difficult to save money and invest in big things. However, once you’re finished with school, you’ll be able to start earning and saving more for future investments. This usually happens around 35, when you’re already successful in both your scholarly and professional undertakings.

Relationship Status 

Your relationship status can be a factor for buying a house or not. Buying a house while you’re still single may be far from your mind. If you’re single and independent, you can live alone and rent an apartment. However, if you’re in a long-term relationship, you may eventually think about settling down.

People settle down at different ages; however, 35 is the average age when people have met their partners and had their babies. At the age of 35, investing your savings on your dream house can be the perfect gift you can give yourself and your family. 

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